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Schübler Chorales composer Play director House of the Dragon rating Name on a Queens stadium Remove as a ribbon Whippet’s warning Email status Kick back Tiny bit Trash haulers Marvel Viral GIFs e.g. Childish rejoinder Abbr. before offering one’s two cents Posted on X familiarly Beat over and over again Hoist The Bronx? No thonx! writer Nash Emperor when Rome burned Deets Like an ancient alphabet What’s way off base? Taiwanese PC brand Tarot card numbered XIII ___ even go there! Dame with eight Oscar nominations You got it! Most common sedimentary rock 2022 World Series champ Greek letter with an f sound Pranks and tomfoolery and a phonetic and positional hint to the starts of 3- 5- 9- and 11-Down ESPN football analyst Kiper Impose as a fine Brainy group Medium e.g. Field of expertise Group with 16 legs Land measure Overly curious Pilfered Pre-1917 ruler Cutting comment Yachting perhaps Campaigns to gain favor or support Target for a trimmer Utterance resulting in a swear jar contribution Number that’s neither prime nor composite Trae Young’s team on scoreboards Homeland org. Tool included with many IKEA kits Womb mates Reagan fiscal policy to detractors Speck Miles away IV user sometimes Work J.R.R. Tolkien contributed to Speaking of that... e.g. Hit the ground face-first Epic Troy story Chop up Krabappel who was Bart’s teacher Squeeze water from Silently recognize Flashlight in Britain Low point lolz! Dynamite K-pop group Rides to the red carpet Avoid a crash landing perhaps Elgort of Tokyo Vice Get acquitted when clearly guilty in slang Prepare carefully Medal awardee Fond of Vampire Weekend frontman Koenig Look that gives you the creeps Jubilant cry Plopped down Agree to get marketing emails say Test kit item

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