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May maybe Scrape souvenir Skywalker’s mentor he was Waikiki welcome Easy to Be Hard musical Voracious Poem written over 2700 years ago Karachiite’s language Take to heart Emotionally unavailable preacher? Part of WYSIWYG Commotion Goals for sales reps Come into Atop in Arles Mystifying craft What a surprise! Ginned-up outrage? Tusked omnivore Words spoken by a single person Measly Serious deliberation? They may include aisles called ambulatories Clairvoyant skill for short WNBA tiebreakers The Theatre Cat in Cats Some self-driving cars John Deere symbol Ray-blocking letters Antarctic admirer? Word with gray or play City that gives London its annual Trafalgar Square Christmas tree Like lizards Refused to settle perhaps Whiskey order Sheer linen Brand once touted with The Shoes of Champions—They Wash Gael’s language Star Wars series as well as a hint to this puzzle’s theme They come clean Skateboard trick Sleep stopper Not this Knocked back some drinks Slams say Grouses and grumbles Verdi opera Rudely abrupt Excited cry Opening pieces Roll with it! Tack on Bolt connector Territory Prior to quaintly Tender spots Like some details Toffee bar ___ d’art Put up Kirk’s velocity Fruits sometimes wrapped in bacon Commotion Some work at home Speckled horse Sheepish response to Where’s the ice cream? Home of golf’s Masters Tournament Pump purchase Detectives follow them Marner of fiction Security backed by the U.S. Dignified Taco choice Doughnut shop fixture Password manager? Pic to click Inquire Wish to take back Consecrate Twofold

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