Clues starting with U

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter U. There are a total of 1463 clues that start with the letter U.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Unexpected deficit 9
University of Georgia collegian 4
Up to in ads 3
Undiluted breakfast brew 8
Unexpected guests and what you need to do to seven Across answers for their clues to make sense 7
Unit also called a centiare 11
Unreliable sort 4
Understood 3
Utter bedlam 5
Uninspired 5
Unescorted 8
Useful contacts 6
Unleashes (on) 4
Up-to-the-minute news 6
Unfilled cavity 4
Utter chaos 6
Unleavened Indian bread 4
Undeceived by 4
Urban oases 5
USN bigwigs 4
UFO drivers 3
Unaided 5
Uncreative dog name 4
Unit of electrical resistance 3
U2 frontman 4
Unusual sort 9
Unstable particle 4
Unleashes as expletives 5
Useful connections 3
Ungainly 6

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