Clues starting with L

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter L. There are a total of 6357 clues that start with the letter L.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Like fairways often 4
Lewd look 4
Like narcissists 4
Lacking consistency 7
Like a pool’s diving board end 4
Long-running science show 4
Like a turkey in November 3
Largest of Japan’s Ryukyu Islands 7
Like the view from Google Earth 6
Laid out on a beach say 6
Lab doings 7
Love Letters in the Sand singer 8
Last word from Rhett Butler 4
Locomotive fuel 4
Longbow wood 3
Latest art-house movies in Lincoln? 12
Look that gives you the creeps 4
lolz! 3
Low point 5
Land measure 4
Like an ancient alphabet 5
Lake named for a Northeastern tribe 5
Last choice in many a survey question 5
Lacking tread as a tire 4
Lyndon B. Johnson’s veep 15
Let’s see here... 3
Largest member of the dolphin family 4
Left for a trip 9
Letters before an alias 3
LGBTQ supporter 4

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