Clues starting with C

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter C. There are a total of 12200 clues that start with the letter C.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Cracker Jack bit 6
Character on El Al planes 5
Charged 5
Con man’s con 5
Co-star of Garland Bolger and Haley 4
Canadian coin with a schooner on the reverse 4
Concert souvenirs from the early 2000s? (marriage) 14
Closer’s stat 5
Country music’s Sugarland e.g. 3
Contents of le Rhône 3
Clip or pin say 6
Class for some new U.S. citizens 3
Cheaper flight option sometimes 6
Crotchety sort 5
Charge for the breakage at a Greek wedding? 8
California wine valley 4
Cosmetics great Lauder 5
Currency that replaced 31-Across 4
Counting start 3
Carmaker based in Bavaria 4
Cool-cucumber connector 3
Capo’s group 5
Customary 5
Cupid to the Greeks 4
Crude cartel acronym 4
Coll. reunion attendees 5
Corporate VIP 3
Carrot-nosed Frozen character 4
Crater feature 3
Chorus from sycophants 5

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